We Told You We Start Trends!

McDonald Ferguson

Posted on September 08 2017

You may have seen our Collegiate Apparel Florida Gators kicks in the new Kodak Black video for “Black Cat.” If you didn’t know, Kodak Black is a rapper taking over the charts right now, who was previously names to XXL’s notorious Freshman Class. If you haven’t peeped the video, we’d suggest you check it out. He’s a really wild dude, and it doesn’t surprise us that he needed a wild shoe to tell this story.

The Collegiate Apparel and FERGO Sports teams are a bunch of college sports fans, and to see and hear the streets give us love really means a lot. We set out to create a high-quality pair of shoes that would make current fans and alumni go, “What are THOSE?” They were born out of our pride and unbelievable respect for the programs, players and institutions that made us who we are today.

And then we took that vibe, and created our well known popular jersey dresses.

With each and every product, we are telling a story, together, about come from behind victories and last-second losses. But overall, it’s about community. Sports families are families too.

Our inspiration has always been to set trends, not chase them. We know that if you’re a Gator, or a Tiger, then that’s who you are. It’s like a second skin. And so we set out to make something that would create some hype around each drop, as well as match the fit you have.

There’s nothing like being the first person with the best gear. We know how y’all like to stunt at LSU and Syracuse. It’s a lifestyle. So for all of you wherever you are, who keep showing us love, on the streets, on campus and at the field… This is for you. We promise to keep dropping those fire products that will make all your friends jealous af.

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  • Tarquan: December 07, 2017

    Some of the best shit

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